Who we are

We are a Latin American human-centered business organization providing financial, administrative, and internationalization services for effective, sustainable solutions. Committed to honesty, responsibility, and efficiency. We assist brands with recruitment, personnel management, payroll, and finance, striving for service excellence to promote client growth and a positive, sustainable regional impact.

What we do

Abantu offers a suite of services designed to support businesses expanding into Latin America. Our comprehensive solutions empower companies to thrive in the region’s dynamic markets.

International Strategic Expansion

We guide companies through the internationalization process in Latin America, including market analysis, opportunity identification, and entry plan development.

Talent Management

We help companies identify, select, and retain the right talent for their operations in the region, ensuring committed and efficient teams.

Smart Payroll Management

A payroll management solution that simplifies and automates the process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and allowing companies to focus on their business objectives.

Sustainable Finance Management

Advising and supporting in planning, executing, and monitoring a company's finances, with a focus on profitability and sustainability in the Latin American market.

Corporate Innovation and Transformation

We help companies adopt innovative and sustainable practices, driving continuous improvement and adaptation to changing market dynamics.


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