Benefits of Having a Business Hub in Latin America (Abantu)


Latam offers a diverse field full of opportunities for business expansion, not only because of the financial activity but also because of the culture of the region.

To expand your business you will need, among other things:

      • Lighten your expenses.
      • Ensure the productivity and well-being of your employees.
      • Implement networking.
      • Keep you informed about the activities of your company in a practical way.


Human talent management in one place.

Recruitment and selection processes are the fundamental pillar to generate high performance teams that enhance the productive levels of your company. These processes can be cumbersome and not very accurate if you do not have the necessary knowledge to do it.

The business hub can also help you with your human resources management, personnel management, coaching and talent search according to your company’s needs. 


Digital marketing, another must have to expand your business… 

You will need to solve your digital marketing needs to make your brand known as big companies that used this business model such as Facebook, Google and Apple did, and above all apply the solutions that you can provide to your potential customers based on the knowledge of the regional market and its culture.


Take care of what’s most important

The most valuable asset within your company’s assets is undoubtedly its sensitive information, workflows, relevant customer data, product composition information, and supplier information to name a few.

Now imagine what it would be like to have to pay a ransom for all this valuable knowledge that took you a long time to establish… or worse, to lose it all.

To protect it you need to consider the use of a persistent cybersecurity software that besides protecting your information and equipment efficiently also allows you to verify the productivity levels of your employees, their locations among other functions necessary for the proper functioning of your company.

Success story

One of our success cases from the Abantu Consulting Hub together has been for example with the Canadian company Absolute, who have been able to solve their marketing and human talent activities with a single supplier.

If you want to learn more and enjoy the benefits of having your business hub, contact us.


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